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Francis Skin Surgery and Dermatology

Many of our procedures leave skin healthier in addition to the aesthetic benefits.  It is important to remember that, in both men and women, good-looking skin is usually healthy skin.  You will look better after our aesthetic procedures, but more importantly, our goal is that your skin will also be healthier.  Please take a look at the list of procedures in this category and ask us about what procedures may be appropriate for more

After cancer has been surgically removed the site of the surgery is "restored." Select this category for more information on the restorative component of skin cancer treatment.

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There are numerous reasons for benign mole removal.  No matter the reason, our surgeons are proficient in producing great results. read more

Mohs micrographic surgery is the most effective and advanced treatment for skin cancer today.  It offers the highest potential for cure with the best cosmetic outcome available.

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The more time it takes to identify skin cancer, the harder and more difficult treatment becomes. Accordingly, we help you identify skin cancer as early as possible to make treatment easier and more effective. read more

The best skin cancer treatment is preventing it in the first place.  By reducing sun exposure, utilizing sun protection and repairing sun damage, we want to help you avoid our other skin cancer services.  read more

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